The purpose of sports physiotherapy in Dubai is to maintain, protect and improve the physical performance of athletes. This branch of health science seeks to alleviate pain, reduce injuries and boost strength while maintaining or improving athletic performance. It aims at improving sports’ performance through prevention, restorative and rehabilitation of injuries, with a view to promote sports’ health.

The main objectives of sports physiotherapy include prevention of sports-related injuries, improvement of sports’ health through prevention, rehabilitation and restoration of sporting activity and physical function. A well-developed sports physiotherapy process aims at achieving each of these objectives by employing techniques and methods that are relevant to the particular sports being treated. These may include: exercise programs; the use of therapeutic exercise equipment; and occupational therapy. The aim of therapeutic exercise is to reduce stress and improve the athlete’s performance by improving his or her functional ability. The objective of occupational therapy is to improve motor function and maintenance of fitness. Physical rehabilitation includes techniques used to control pain and injury and to gain muscle strength.

Sports referred to as acute are those that occur suddenly and without prior warning. They can be acute in their intensity or they can be sub-acute in that they occur over a period of time. The term ‘pre-season’ encompasses both pre-season exercises and physical activities carried out at the start of a sports season to give sportsmen and women an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming sports season. Sports referred to as chronic are those that occur over a prolonged period of time and that often results in ongoing disability or pain even after the end of the sports season. A well-developed sports rehabilitation program will address the needs of each of these sports in equal measure.

A prospective sports physiotherapist should be well qualified in sports terminology, diagnosis and treatments. He or she should also possess a thorough understanding of the physiological principles that underlie the management of sports injuries. He or she should have a professional understanding of sports rehabilitation, diagnosis and rehabilitation. The most desirable sports physiotherapy program incorporates all of these key areas. The aim of any good rehabilitation program is to enable athletes to continue to perform at their best in both competitive and non-competitive environments. See best botox in dubai here.