Web design encompasses a variety of disciplines and skills in the creation and maintenance of web sites. These disciplines include web graphics design; web authoring, which include proprietary and standardized codes; web programming, and online search engine optimisation. A website incorporates interactivity and is designed to present a product or service to an end user.

  1. Website designers create visual elements that can be displayed on a computer monitor, or on an internet browser. These visual elements comprise the background images, pictures, text, video, and other elements of a website. Web browsers display these elements and the website visitors are able to manipulate the visual elements. To have a website appear professional, it should be well designed and constructed using the right tools and software.
  2. Web designers employ several layout techniques to construct a website design. A layout technique is the arrangement of items on a page, so that their position appears to have been created by an architect or interior designer. The layout techniques include the use of a grid system to specify the different levels of elements and how they are interconnected to each other.
  3. Many website designers use the grid system to layout the website design. This is followed by the use of standard fonts, colours and styles. However, there are many other website designers who use other layout techniques to achieve a better-looking design. There are other methods that web developers use to develop professional website designs. Learn more about website design here.
  4. Another important tool in an effective web design is the color palette. It is very common for website designers to use a single-color palette for the whole website design, whereas other web developers prefer to use a variety of colors that relate to the products or services on display. In addition to colors, the color palette should also include logos and other graphics that are relevant to the business and its target audience. A graphic can be considered an element if it adds aesthetic appeal and clarity to the design.
  5. An effective website design in Abu Dhabi should also be centred around a strong brand image. The logo of the company is often the first thing that people will notice about the site. In addition to the logo, a good design should also include a consistent color palette.