There are many reasons to seek the advice of an immigration lawyer. An immigration lawyer has the experience and knowledge to understand all of the complexities involved in obtaining an immigrant visa to reside in the United States.

Benefits of Hiring a Qualified Immigration Lawyer:

A qualified immigration lawyer can prevent you from spending time and money obtaining an immigrant visa which will only lead to future complications while attempting to adjust to life in the United States. If you are considering applying for an immigrant visa but do not know where to begin your search, contacting a skilled and experienced and best EB 5 immigration lawyers is the best way to begin the process.

Immigration Lawyer Halts the Removal Process:

Many immigrants face removal from the United States, while attempting to leave their country for employment or school. If you have been subjected to removal proceedings and have not yet applied for an immigrant visa to reside in the United States it is important that you hire an immigration lawyers immediately. Removal proceedings affect not only individuals with legal status in the United States but any non-citizen children with U.S. Citizen parents.

Immigration Lawyers can End You Detention:

If you have been detained in the immigration court at the EB 5 regional center because your application was denied you should contact an immigration lawyers as soon as possible. A qualified attorney will be able to protect your rights during the removal proceedings. An immigration lawyer will be able to make sure that you have the best opportunity of defending yourself in immigration court against the immigration court.

Immigration Lawyer Prevent Deportation:

An experienced and qualified attorney will be able to prevent deportation by working with the government and convincing the government to reduce your removal sentence. Immigration lawyers can also make sure that you have the chance of renewing your VISA status even if you have been unlawful resident within the past five years.

They Help You in Renewing Visa Status:

VISA status is required for certain types of work and immigration lawyers are the only professionals that are authorized to apply for and provide valid VISA status for immigrants. When an immigrant receives a VISA they are able to work in the United States legally for two years.

What are Removal Proceedings?

Removal proceedings occur under the law and without the knowledge or advice of a licensed attorney an immigrant may be removed from the United States without warning. Hiring an immigration lawyers will ensure that you remain in the United States until you have received a positive decision regarding your application for immigration status.