Physiotherapists work mostly with patients in Dubai physiotherapy clinic who are suffering from chronic conditions or those recovering from surgery or injuries. In this brief article, discuss how to become a physiotherapist and their job duties and salary. First of all, a physiotherapist is a medical specialist trained in the field of physical therapy, rehabilitation, and therapy. He/she is involved in treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system by means of manual techniques and medication.

  1. As a medical specialist, the physiotherapist is trained to treat musculoskeletal problems through therapeutic exercise, occupational therapy, and medicine. The job requires him/her assess, isolate, and treat any physical disorder and learn about manual lymphatic drainage.
  2. The areas of specialization of a physical therapist are rehabilitation, physical therapy, sports medicine andumatology. Usually, they take care of the entire physical structure of the patient including joints, ligaments, muscles, bone, and tendon.
  3. To get into this profession, a candidate has to undergo both practical and educational courses on physical therapy and occupational therapy. One must also acquire relevant degrees such as massage therapy, orthopedics, and physiology. The most important qualification needed for a career as a physical therapist is a degree in a related discipline. For example, a graduate of biological science with a physical therapy degree may become an occupational therapist.
  4. The salary of a physiotherapist depends on the area where he/she works. Some areas pay higher salaries, while others offer lower wages. Typically, the highest wages are earned by staff working in a hospital or clinic. Physiotherapists who work in clinics and hospitals may earn more than those who work at home. Those working in private clinics tend to earn lower salaries.
  5. A bachelor’s degree is usually required to be an aspiring physical therapist. At times, masters’ degrees may also be required. In order to enhance one’s prospects of landing a good job, it is advisable to gain specialized knowledge about how to become a physiotherapist.
  6. This is achieved by attending courses on subjects such as occupational and preventive therapy, sports medicine, human body systems, and human mind/body healing. Some of the subjects that are covered include physiology, kinesiology, anatomy, kinesiolo-physiotherapy, and physiology, orthopedics, diagnostic procedures, and therapeutic modalities.