When choosing a SAP SuccessFactorsz partner in Dubai, several things to look for. These include Customer Success, Solution quality, Service Delivery, and Innovation. Contact the SAP partner’s Ecosystem Success Organization (PESO) if you have any doubts. They will be able to provide you with feedback and help you improve your partnership with SAP. Good communication and presentation skills are important for success with SAP partners.

Customer success

SAP is expanding its efforts in customer success. The term “customer success” is a business discipline that focuses on maximizing customer value and performance. It is about helping customers capture all the value of an enterprise’s offerings. Customers rely on vendors to help them get the most out of their services. That’s why SAP has developed a comprehensive program that will prepare them for the role of a customer success executive. This program provides training in a multidimensional approach, focusing on industry knowledge, human skills, and strategy/tools.

Solution quality

As a customer, you want to ensure that your SAP partners will follow the process and deliver quality results. The solution quality of your partner is directly related to its implementation process. Hence, a reliable partner will listen to your requirements and develop a strategy to meet your business objectives. It would help if you met with your SAP implementation partner at least quarterly or yearly to discuss the progress of the implementation process. A good SAP implementation partner will also provide you with an assessment of the overall quality of their work.


SAP has changed its partner program to improve the value of its partner ecosystem. Instead of focusing solely on selling its products, SAP wants to see partners build successful applications for customers and continue the relationship after implementation. In an increasingly competitive market, SAP partners need to think about continuous innovation and improvement. To succeed, they should think about improving employee capabilities and developing new service offerings. Here are some strategies to help you make the most of your SAP partnership.


If you’re thinking about working for SAP but have concerns about the work environment, consider the flexibility of the people you’re considering. The right company will allow their employees to choose their hours and prioritize work-life balance. SAP’s decision to implement a flexible work environment reflects a commitment to listening to employees’ needs. This philosophy is consistent across the company. While a flexible work environment is not necessary for every company, many organizations still find the time to accommodate it.