What makes an effective meal plan in Dubai? To begin, make a list of all of the ingredients you’ll need for each meal. Choose two or three proteins and think of ways to use each of them twice. Next, fill in your shopping list with the rest of the ingredients. Choose a protein for each meal and consider how you’ll prepare it twice. You should now have a great plan for your meals! If you’re looking for a little extra help, read on for some tips to make it easier to create a meal plan!

Keeping a running list of nonperishables in your pantry:

If you’re making a meal plan, it’s helpful to keep a running list of the items you need to buy. Keep a notepad in your kitchen and jot down “must-haves” running low. This way, you can replenish them on your next grocery run. This method also creates a menu plan for every day of the week.

Organizing your meals around your social schedule:

Organizing your meals around your social schedule is key to making your food budget further. Depending on your daily schedule, it can save you money by reducing your food shopping bill by planning meals for the whole week. Check your social calendar to find out when friends and family are coming over and figure out how much food you will need. If you have several friends or family gatherings on the same day, make a menu plan to prepare various dishes for everyone.

Preparing meals to eliminate snacking:

One of the most important things to do when trying to cut back on your diet is to prepare meals in bulk. Snacking can be detrimental to your diet because you’ll be more likely to reach for those sugary and empty calorie snacks available at the supermarket. Another way to eliminate snacking is to prepare large quantities of food and one-pot meals or one-dish meals. If you’re short on time, buy pre-chopped ingredients and create one-pot meals.

Adding new recipes to your meal plan:

A good meal plan is not set in stone; it’s flexible, so you can change it according to the mood or a special occasion. You can also add leftovers and easy lunches to your meal plan. Remember to plan snacks as well. A meal plan means less scrambling for food or leftovers, and a well-planned meal plan is more fun.