A Canada visa in Dubai is a stamp of your passport that lets you enter the country of Canada. It’s a privilege for you to visit the state and legally be eligible to reside either permanently or temporarily in the said country. Immigrants who have ulterior motives are not advised to take this route because they are not considered as law-abiding members of the community in Canada and therefore, cannot enjoy the same privileges that people with Canadian visas enjoy. Immigrants who have applied for Canadian citizenship also require a visa order to live and work in the country for some time.

-To obtain a Canadian passport, one must first apply for a Canadian visa. To do this, you must first visit the Canadian embassy and inquire about their procedure for applying for a Canadian passport. You must fill out an application form provided online or at the embassy. After you complete the application form, you must wait for three months before it is presented to the registrar of passports and this will help you get a passport on the Canadian government’s list for tourists.

-Another option is to use your existing passport to get a Canadian visa. However, you must apply for an online account so that you can have all your necessary documents ready when applying for a Canada visa. The online account needs the following documents: your passport, air, or landing tickets, passport photos, a payment made to Immigration, registration card, Confirmation of Permanent Residence, birth certificate, two-year Canadian citizenship certificate, and a copy of the landlord-related lease. When filling out the application for an online account, remember to provide all the required documents to expedite your processing.

-Immigrants can also use their birth date to find out if they are eligible for a Canada visa. All you need to do is to fill out a free birth certificate report request form that can be found online. In most cases, you will need to provide proof of age (usually a birth certificate) and identity. These forms are available in most cities across Canada.

-Immigrants who wish to study in Canada may also use their former country of residence as their new country of residence when applying for a Canadian visa. If this option is chosen, applicants must complete a questionnaire provided by the Canadian government. This questionnaire will ask them about their family members, employment history, achievements, work experiences, and their goals in Canada. If you are serious about it immigration companies in Dubai can be the best option for you.