If you want to know how to open a juice store, there are actually many things that you have to consider before you start your own business. If you already have experience in the selling of juices and drinks, then you can choose to start as the owner of a cafe or juice bar. In this type of establishment, you will be responsible for attracting customers as well as maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

However, if you are still starting out, it would be better if you have someone with you who has experience in the industry. This is because you might need their help in order to gain a foothold in this industry. Read on to learn how to open a juice shop.

Step 1

  1. One of the first steps on how to open a juice house is to acquire the proper permits. The local government is likely to give you such permits since they understand that this type of business is considered a food-service business. You will need licenses for sanitary purposes as well as health and sanitation purposes.
  2. A health certificate should be acquired even if you are not dealing with beverages only. Once you have acquired all the necessary licenses, you can now start looking for a location for your store. It is always a good idea to select a place where there is traffic especially if you are dealing with bottled drinks.
  3. The area must be clean and hazard-free, so that clients are safe. Moreover, you must provide clean and toxin-free food and water which can be replenished easily. You can also start a franchise of the best healthy restaurants in Abu Dhabi along with a juice shop.

Step 2

  1. When you are dealing with juices and drinks, you need to offer an extensive variety of choices and add the option of juice delivery Dubai. Customers love to have several types of choices when they are going to visit your store.
  2. It would be helpful if you can offer different flavors of juices and drinks. If you can keep up with the competition in the market, you will definitely be able to succeed in how to open a juice shop.

Step 3

  1. After everything has been set up, you need to maintain cleanliness in your store. This will prevent cross-contamination among the products that you are selling.

Disinfectant solutions will also help eliminate any germs that may be present. Always clean and sanitize surfaces before and after every visit to your store.