The Saudi Arabia government has announced the new rules and regulations for applying for an umrah visa for the upcoming 2021-2021 season. A new document is being released by the ministry of foreign affairs that will outline the application procedure for arriving in Saudi Arabia for umrah.

  • The new rules also state that all foreign nationals who plan to enter Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage must apply for an umrah visa early on. Like the Hajj visa, applying for an umrah visa in advance is important to ensure that your visa status will not be canceled due to an unforeseen circumstance. In addition, applications for umrah visa from Dubai for this coming season are now open, unlike the previous Hajj season, which usually takes several weeks.
  • Before traveling to Mecca, you should make sure that you do not have an existing visa and see the best umrah packages from Dubai. This is important because during this time period, all passengers who are headed to the Muslim holy shrines will be required to obtain a visa.
  • A final decision regarding the introduction of these special visas will be made during the ongoing hajj season. For citizens of Muslim nations living in the western world, an umrah visa will allow free movement throughout the country. For citizens of the Arab countries, however, an individual will be required to apply for a visa in order to travel to Mecca.
  • The new rules for applying for umrah visa also state that pilgrims will not be allowed to carry their own water or food while traveling to Mecca. Pilgrim taxis and vehicle services are the only means by which non-Muslims can travel during this period.
  • Therefore, visitors who wish to pay respects to Allah and participate in the Hajj rituals may need to rely on a vehicle service. One should take into consideration that there will be a ban on alcoholic drinks inside the Holy mosque. The alcohol ban comes as a direct result of the recent alcohol tragedy that took place in Mecca.
  • During the hajj, a number of countries along with the united states have tightened their borders with regard to immigration into their respective countries and the holy mosques within these countries.

People who want to join the millions of people who are on the international hajj pilgrimage, but are prohibited from doing so due to security reasons, can apply for an umrah visa. Applicants will be required to submit proof that they are not suffering from a disease that would bar them from traveling to Mecca.