There are many facts about evaporated milk that you should know. It is a product that is made by removing the cream from milk and then filtering it through special equipment to remove the remaining liquid. The milk is allowed to evaporate naturally, without the help of a machine or anything else, for several hours. At the end of this time, it will be condensed into a very thick curd-like substance. This condensed milk can be stored for several months without going bad.

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One of the most important facts about evaporated milk contains information on the fat that it contains. The fat in one cup of this type of milk is about 4% protein. Surprisingly this low-fat ingredient is one of the main dietary sources of polyunsaturated fat. Polyunsaturated fat is necessary for ensuring that your body has the right levels of essential fatty acids. You should make a point of adding evaporated milk to your diet as part of an overall plan that includes eating healthy.

Milk is a source of dietary fiber, although not all of it is the recommended amount. Some studies indicate that people who have high levels of dietary fiber intake tend to have lower incidences of coronary disease. Because it is high in protein and dietary fiber it is also known to lower cholesterol levels. People who follow low-cholesterol diets are encouraged to drink skim or half-and-half to help lower their total cholesterol levels. A one-cup serving of skim or half-and-half has about half of the daily value of sodium.

Sodium is one of the nutrients that you should be especially cautious about when buying and consuming dairy products. High levels of sodium can cause several medical problems over time, so make sure that you get enough sodium each day. One cup of evaporated milk in UAE contains only about half of a teaspoon of sodium. The best sources of sodium include seafood and canned vegetables. You should eat plenty of fish and poultry as well to get plenty of nutrients from these foods as well.

The fat in milk is unsaturated and can help you avoid heart disease. The cholesterol in milk is low in saturated fats and calories and is considered a good source of nutrition. A one-cup serving of skim or half-and-half has less than half of a teaspoon of trans-fat, which are a type of fat that increases cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease. Tran’s fats are commonly found in foods that are canned, processed, fast food, and prepackaged, as well as in some snacks.